Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts in India

How is Social Media Marketing useful for Hospitality sector?

Marketing of Resorts or hotels is quite different than almost any other type of marketing because the product is purely experience based. Resort marketing depends both on the service, and the people who turn that service from a venue into a dream destination and worth experiencing. Social Media marketing not only gives a glimpse of the venue but also influences people to have a memorable experience of that venue. Social media marketing for hotels or resorts gives you a real look into your customers’ experiences. Using social media marketing for hotels can restructure your training, feature and product release cycle, and business model.
If leveraged correctly, social media marketing can be a great medium to interact with your past, present and future guests in a unique way. This can create an online following for your brand and possibly encourage others to stay at your hotel or resort.

Various ways in which education sector can be promoted on Social Media:

  • Engage with menu items
  • Post - trip feedback
  • Photo Contests
  • Photos of Resorts
  • Exclusive offers and group deals
  • Engage people with various events

Platforms available for marketing:

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Facebook Marketing in India
Instagram Marketing in India
Pinterest Marketing in India

Benefits of promoting hospitality sector on social media:

  • Better Engagement opportunities
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Demographics Retargeting
  • Gathering new customers
  • Being popular all around

Our approach

  • Identifying target audience.
  • Fix the goals and objectives.
  • Develop a customized strategy
  • Prepare content, graphics, and videos.
  • Execute the plan in coordination with client’s brand manager.
  • Key performance reporting.


We understand the importance of connecting students, teachers and potential students through social media marketing. Connect with us to get a customized proposal for your brand.