General Questions

The USP of Socialee is focus and creativity. We are a perfect blend of creative people and technocrats. We love to develop effective communications that create impact and engages target customers with the help of digital tools.

Socialee's core strengths are

Impactful Digital Communication



We preach what we teach. We consult clients about the trends and changes in the digital environment regularly and train our team to be on the top of the game. We make sure that our strategies are aligned with the upcoming trends in the digital world so that our clients lead the game.

We work on a retainer model with a minimum of 6 months' commitment. Considering each brand is unique with unique challenges, so our strategist decides the scope and proposes the fees, thereafter.

We don't work in bits and pieces. Means, we don't do just graphics, or just content or just video. Also, we don't work on an ad-hoc basis, without any objective or in a hurry. We love to go in detail and spend some time with clients in their office or over a coffee.

To measure ROI of Social Media Marketing, first we need to fix KPIs. Post that, we need to integrate all customer touch points with the CRM or analytical tool. This leads to developing a connect between impression and conversion events.

Each brand has specific niche audience. Similarly, each social media platform has specific user base. So, a brand needs to priortise the platform based on engagement of their TG.

Ideally posting consistently is important and alternate days posting works for most brands. The frequency should be decided based on user engagement. If the community is getting bored, leading to unfollow- brand should decrease the frequency.