How Sterling Accuris Diagnostics’ branded video for #BimariBolkeNahiAati campaign got 1.5 lac views and 1.2 crore impressions

Brand Introduction

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics, a front-runner in world-class diagnostic services in Western India came into existence with a singular mission of ‘setting higher standards’ in diagnostics healthcare, in the year 2015. The well known hospital of Gujarat Sterling Hospitals introduced Sterling Accuris Diagnostics. It has launched a unique campaign entitled #BimariBolkeNahiAati to create awareness about regular preventive health check-ups among masses.

Campaign Summary

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics is running #BimariBolkeNahiAati campaign on different social media platforms. To get better penetration, the company produced a video about caring about those who always take care of us as video is a better medium to reach a larger audience and communicate the message effectively. The video was posted as an extension of this campaign on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Bimari Bol Ke Nahi Aati
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The objective was to create awareness about preventive health check-up in an easily consumable manner.

Bimari Bol Ke Nahi Aati

Creative Idea

A mother always puts everyone else before her and she is often taken for granted. Her good health is equally important.

There was a need to start a conversation by igniting a thought process that people need to start taking care of those who care for them on a daily basis and never ask for anything in return.

Thus a branded video was produced as an extension of #BimariBolkeNahiAati campaign.

How we did it

We wanted to connect with married couples in an emotional way.
So, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were chosen as a primary mode of communication.

It is rightly said that tell your compelling stories when emotional pores of customers are open.
So, we chose a day before Women’s Day, as the date of publishing.
To get the maximum earned media benefits, trending and relevant hashtags were used and influencers were tagged.

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55+ famous publications covered this video, which led to increased viewership.

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