As performance marketers, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of analytics in driving results. One of the most powerful examples of this was a campaign, we ran for a client in the healthcare industry. The client had been struggling to generate leads through their website, despite investing heavily in paid search and social media advertising. We

Who wouldn’t want to get the worth of their money spent on social media? Everyone wants to grow their business with the help of Google ads. And that is why they look for agencies who have been named Google partners. It is a hallmark of quality in layman’s terms. It is the favored partner of

Have you found out the hard way that a lot of B2C digital marketing strategies don’t work for B2B businesses? You’re not alone. Many firms tend to make the same mistake. And by doing so, they experience a lot of setbacks. They think that the strategies aren’t working. Their resources are being used but the

Social media campaigns are an exciting way to engage with your audience and make a unique brand presence. But creating a great social media campaign may seem daunting for brand managers at times. It may become so overwhelming that the lines are blurred between the most important factors to the least. Too many people associated

Marketing is a shape shifting field. There is always a hustle going on where everyone is trying to beat the competition. Brands always want to get ahead by trying different routes of advertising. Over the time, the types of advertisement change and the platforms change along with it. Brands have to evolve with the world.

A social media calendar is one of the most essential tools in every Brand Manager’s toolkit. Think of it as a hammer for a blacksmith or a brush for a painter. It increases your efficiency substantially. Managing social media is an insurmountable task to say the least. Not a day goes by without having panic

How often do you hear the words “Community Building for Brands”? Far too many times, right? Everyone is treating it like a new and visionary technique to retain customers and build a brand. But in fact, it has been here for ages. People didn’t just recognize it. Let’s start by the definition. A community in

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Brands around the world are turning towards digital media for marketing their products. It has been proven to be a substantial market in today’s day and age. One of the reasons why it is better than traditional marketing is the measurement of accurate ROI. ROI or Return On Investment in simple words is the measurement

It is impractical to think of business marketing without social media in this tech-driven era. People nowadays are highly influenced by social media and rush there immediately in search of things. In that case, it becomes highly important for any business to mark its presence on social media to reach its target audience. Social media

Social Media is not just a medium to connect with friends and family anymore. It has become much bigger than that. It is now the channel for gathering news and information about everything. With everything getting digital, even the healthcare sector is no exception. Social Media Marketing has become an integral part of marketing for

Instagram Reels

How brands are using Instagram Reel

There’s a new Tik Tok in the town and it has got everyone buzzing for 15 seconds. Instagram has finally rolled out its much anticipated feature “Reels”. The 15 second format is a hit in today’s times so it was already a long time coming. After the ban of Tik Tok in India, it was

In today’s day and age you have to go out of your way to avoid social media. It is everywhere! Internet users are 58% of the total population in the world and digital marketing has been a blessing for businesses to grow beyond conventional measures. Online businesses are weighing heavily on digital marketing because their