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Key challenges

faced by B2B brand

For B2B, broad targeting does not work. Here, the audience is niche and reaching out to niche audiences might present a challenge to B2B businesses.

Social media nowadays is full of engaging content and most of the B2B brands find it difficult to catch up with the current trend in content. Monotonous content always leads to low engagement.

Most of the B2B companies are not very definitive on their position as a brand. Majority of them suffer from me-too branding. Building credibility and trust by clear positioning with tangible brand value can really create a huge difference.

Getting quality leads consistently always remains the biggest challenge for B2B businesses. Most of the B2B brands are dependent on “word of mouth” which often doesn’t pan out as expected.


Benefits of B2B social media marketing

  • Creating brand awareness (80%)
  • Educating audiences (79%)
  • Building credibility and trust (75%)

We humanise a B2B organization
on Social Media.

Our Approach

towards delivering results

We help businesses establish exactly who they are, what sets them apart from competitors and what they value as a brand. This is done by effective social media communications and detailed targeting.

B2B buyers usually do independent research before considering any brand. They always want to ensure that they partner with a credible brand. We build this credibility through educational and actionable content. Following types of content are created on Social and YouTube:

How-to  |  Checklist  |  Case study  |  Best Practices

Social proof works:
We help build trust by promoting positive reviews, testimonials, awards and certification. 

Taking mileage through employee advocacy:
We encourage employees to talk about the brand and keep them engaged with different organic activities.

We help brands develop a landing page and integrate it with CRM. Lead magnets are created on landing pages and social media handles to generate leads. Through drip marketing, we mature the leads before the actual sales call starts. Marketing automation comes into play to generate quality leads at a consistent pace.

Social Media Platforms

that we focus on:





Paid Ads

we focus on:

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